• Training for teachers
    how to cope
    with refugee children
    in their class

Aims And Objectives

War in the Middle East and North Africa have caused a humanitarian disaster for those countries and its neighbors. According to UNICEF (September 2015):

  • 13+ million children are not attending school in the Middle East and North African countries affected by conflicts
  • 1 in 4 schools in Syria cannot be used because they have been destroyed, damaged or been repurposed as shelters or military headquarters.
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About the Project

REFUGEEClassAssistance4Teachers (Training for teachers how to cope with refugee children in their class) is an EC funded project under the Erasmus + programme (KA 2  - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices, Strategic Partnership for School Education) which will be completed by 8 partners from 5 different countries, namely Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Belgium.

REFUGEEClassAssistance4Teachers aims to create training material which will enable teachers to cope with the challenges that are derived from the integration of migrant and refugee children in education.

For the classroom itself, and to ease the work of the teachers, a range of tools will be made available:

  • EASY-TO-READ illustrated training material that can be used by teachers to address the different aforementioned domains with the children.
  • A mobile app with:
    • mobile games for teachers to support their work towards pupils with refugee back ground, and that will be based on the EASY-TO-READ illustrated training material.
    • language support using a symbol/speech/text supported interaction app with 500 expressions/feelings/concepts.

HRW: Education For Syrian Refugee Children

What Donors and Host Countries Should Do.

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UNHCR: Missing Out

Refugee Education In Crisis.

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European Commission: Forced Displacement

Refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs)

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Upcoming Events

International Conference Approaches to migration, language, and identity

  • May 4-6, 2017 |
  • Lausanne, Switzerland

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RefugeeClassAssistance4Teachers Portal

  • Get or offer your support
  • Share your experiences
  • Access to refugee students virtual agora
  • Mobile app availability

  • Find resources in:
    • Socio-cultural, psychological & physical training
    • Rights of refugees training
    • Basic language/communication training
    • Best/good practices from across Europe
    • Supporting video
    • Guidelines for schools


2nd International Consortium Meeting

NGO CIVIS PLUS successfully participated in “3rd Voluntary Action Festival” that took place in Athens at Technopolis venue (Piraeus str., 100, Gazi Area, Athens) from 14th to 15th July, 2018.

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ECEC Needs of Children of Refugees

Read more about the findings of a nine-country study of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) policies and practices designed to serve young children of refugees and asylum seekers by downloading the report via this link.

3rd International Consortium Meeting

The 3rd International Consortium Meeting of the Refugees Class Assistance for Teacher (RCA4T) project took place in Athens, the capital of Greece.

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