Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University (Business School-REKMER) – project coordinator (TR)

YBU is a public university in Ankara, Turkey, which was established in 2010. The Business School’s mission is to explore and disseminate knowledge, encourage innovation, and contribute to the economic, social, and cultural development of society. Thus, the School offers undergraduate and graduate programs, and has established a research centre that caters to the contemporary needs of business, and develops research projects. For more information:

Contact info: Ourania Areta,

Ankara Milli Egitim Mudurlugu

Ankara Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü deals with the education of refugees, immigrants, migrants, asylum seekers’ children. There are 6500 such children in the capital city of Ankara. 1500 of the students attend schools with our students at primary, lower secondary and secondary schools. 5000 of them attend five different schools which are dedicated only for them: Sıdıka Kınacı Primary School, Şili Primary School, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Primary school and Nazife Hatun Primary School . There are also many students at different primary and lower secondary schools in Ankara. There areTurkish teachers, Syrian and Iraqi teachers teaching them. There are also 1592 Turkmenian children who came from Iraq to Ankara. They attend the same schools as Turkish students.

Contact info: Türkan Özturk,

Directorate General of Migration Management (Goc Idaresi Genel Mudurlugu)

Directorate General of Migration Management was established by the Law on Foreigners and International Protection, in order to implement migration policies and strategies, ensure coordination among relevant agencies and organizations, and carry out functions and actions related to the entry into, stay in and exit from of foreigners in Turkey as well as their removal, international protection, temporary protection and the protection of victims of human trafficking.
DGMM is comprised of central organization and provincial organization in 81 Provinces (Provincial Migration Directorates) and an overseas organization. Central organization and provincial organization have respectively 2971 and 497 members, including permanent, seconded and temporary staff. Moreover Migration Counsellors and Attachés are also seconded to overseas organization.

Contact info: Aykut Turkay,

Sofiiski Universitet Sveti Kliment Ohridski

Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski is the first Bulgarian high academic school establishment.  It is one of the most highly reputable centers of science on the Balkans, a full-fledged university of the European type. Today Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski is the biggest and most prestigious scientific hub in the country. It has 16 faculties with 105 special subjects being taught.

Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski is an educational institution that has stepped on the road of the development of research. Sofia University has the best Bulgarian scholars in all fields of scientific research. The scientific activities of the faculty at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski has become an obligatory part and parcel of the teaching process.

University Center for Conflict Management and Organizational Studies was founded in 1989 in the Department of Social, Work and Educational Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski".

Contact info: Snezhana Ilieva,

National Association Of Professionals Working With People With Disabilities (NARHU)

NARHU, non-profit NGO in public service comprised of a National representative body of all professionals who are working with people with disabilities in terms of their education, employment and social inclusion. Its main activities are directed toward people with different type and stage of disabilities, primarily in the spheres of their employment, professional orientation, consulting and training. The team of NARHU comprises of well-known experts in the field of inclusive education, psychologists, educational methodologists, social workers and technicians who are developing games based learning, mobile apps and robotic mediated learning for inclusive education purposes.

Contact info: Petya Grudeva,

Phoenix KM BVBA

PhoenixKM BVBA, established in 2007, is a dynamic SME with extensive expertise in the field of inclusion and accessibility consultancy. It is focused towards the integration of people with disabilities in every aspect of daily life and aims to achieve its goal by aggregating knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of education, training and employment and making it available to the targeted user groups through well-defined consultancy services, as well as private and publicly funded projects by its dedicated experts. P6 carries out these services & initiatives throughout Europe, but also beyond and provides its expertise to the private and public sector.

PhoenixKM also has a department that provides targeted and specialised advice on the successful usage of mobile technology for educational purposes, as well as training on the usage of social media in various business domains (media, music, service provision). Increasingly, this knowledge is being applied in all business domains in which P6 is being active, including the accessibility ones.

Contact info: Karel Van Isacker,


CIVISplus was founded in 2011 and it was established in January 2012 with the aim of fighting against social exclusion, poverty, social inequality, as well as protecting the natural and social environment, thus contributing to the endeavours of Civil Society towards social prosperity and sustainability.

Purpose of NGO CIVISplus is the creation of programs of humanitarian and public benefit actions having as their object the defence of human rights regardless of race, nationality, gender, creed and cultural background as described by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

P8 has extensive expertise in the refugee area and will take the lead in IO6: "Usability report", while contributing substantially to all other WPs. P8 will organise the piloting with schools in Greece.

Contact info: Karka Sophia,


SoftQNR is a software development company based in Nis, Serbia. The company's main focus is the provision of software development and quality assurance services. We are working mainly with international clients. Our clients are companies that look for a reliable, added value and cost effective partner. Our references include sound names in US and Europe.

Along with standard Web development, our company lately focuses on development of mobile applications including integration of remote services following available technological innovations within Cloud computing (Saas and PaaS paradigms). Last but not least, we excel in providing robust and reliable solutions for “Big data problem” for our customers, as well as “Internet of Things problems”.
Our development teams follow and practice industry standard application development process (e.g. Agile, Scrum, and RUP). The company application development process comprises a comprehensive system development lifecycle, from business case analysis to maintenance and support of the IT systems.

Our specific expertise is reflected in mastering of: Web and mobile application development/integration, Agile methodologies (our engineers are Certified Scrum Masters), core Android development, knowledge of related OSS frameworks, rapid prototyping, Cloud computing (AWS and Azure), database development, and many others.

Contact info: Katarina Milunovic,